TAHOMA 31® Bermuda

Perfect for Hawaii - Premium, Low Growth, Low Maintenance

Tahoma 31

Another premium product by Hawaiian Turfgrass.  TAHOMA 31® features low vertical growth which greatly reduces the frequency of mowing. The grass has a deep dark green color.  Beatiful Wide Blade, TAHOMA 31® is very shade tolerant. It was developed by turfgrass researchers Dr. Yanqi Wu and his team at the Oklahoma State University.

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SS Assets Icon Uses
  • Golf Courses, Sports/Parks, Home with High-Quality Lawns
  • Blade-width: Wide
SS Assets Icon Color
  • Dark Green
Maintenance Blue
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Vertical Growth
Wear Blue
  • Very Good
Shade Blue
Shade Tolerance
  • Very Good
Drought Blue
Drought Tolerance
  • Very Good
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