TAHOMA 31® Bermuda - Sold Out

Perfect for Hawaii - Premium, Low Growth, Low Maintenance

Tahoma 31

Tahoma 31® is a fine blade Bermuda that thrives in full sun. With a dark green color, excellent wear recovery, and traffic tolerance Tahoma 31® makes awesome sports fields, golf courses, and residential lawns.  Tahoma 31® performs best when moved with a reel mower.

Tahoma 31® is truly an attractive and sturdy grass as proven in the following stadiums and fields:

Los Angeles Angels, Angels Stadium Anaheim, CA Major League Baseball
Dodgers Stadium Los Angeles, CA Major League Baseball
LA Coliseum Los Angeles, CA Football Stadium
(University of Southern California Football Stadium)
Baltimore Ravens Baltimore, MD NFL Football Stadium
Chicago Bears Soldier Field Chicago, IL NFL Football Stadium
Philadelphia Eagles NFL Team Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field
Kansas City Chiegs Kansas City NFL Football Stadium

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SS Assets Icon Uses
  • Golf Courses, Sports/Parks, Home with High-Quality Lawns
  • Blade-width: Fine
SS Assets Icon Color
  • Dark Green
Maintenance Blue
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Vertical Growth
Wear Blue
  • Very Good
Shade Blue
Shade Tolerance
  • Very Good
Drought Blue
Drought Tolerance
  • Very Good
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