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Hawaiian Turfgrass grows, delivers and installs the highest quality turfgrasses in the islands. We offer site prep and irrigation services, too, for a turn-key landscape.

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Zeon® Zoysia
Zeon® is a fine-bladed Zoysiagrass. It has a beautiful dark green color and soft leaf texture making it a true barefoot lawn grass. Zeon is highly drought tolerant and has low fertilizer requirements. It is considered a lower maintenance grass here in Hawaii. Zeon was developed in Texas by Bladerunner Farms and has the unique distinction of being the grass used on the fairways of the Olympic Golf Couse during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Zeon was even featured in the New York Times for its role in helping the Olympic Committee create a more sustainable Olympics. Zeon is recommended for lawns and golf courses.
TifGrand Bermuda
TifGrand® Bermudagrass is a dense, lush turf with an attractive dark green color. Best of all, TifGrand has improved drought tolerance. It requires less water and less fertilizer than many other bermudagrass varieties. TifGrand thrives in full sun. Ideal for home lawns and sports fields, it has some resistance to the Tawny mole cricket inset. TifGrand was developed at the University of Georgia.
Seastar Seashore PasPalum
SeaStar® Paspalum thrives in salty, sandy environments. It stands up to salt spray and salt can be used to kill weeds. SeaStar provides a luxurious, fine-textured look. Perfect for home lawns, event lawns and golf courses here in Hawaii, SeaStar was developed by turfgrass breeders at the University of Georgia. SeaStar performs best when moved with a reel mower. The grass heals quickly from damage and wear.
El Toro Zoysia (SOLD OUT – Available January)
El Toro Zoysia has long been the standard grass for Honolulu home lawns. El Toro is a medium bladed grass. It is drought tolerant, highly durable, and light green in color. El Toro thrives in full sun and tolerates light shade. It was developed by the University of California – Riverside.
Captiva St. Augustine
A true low-mow grass, Captiva® St. Augustine is a slow vertical grower which greatly reduces the frequency of mowing. The grass has a deep dark green color, and it shows resistance to the Southern Chinch Bug. The widest bladed variety of all the grasses we grow at Hawaiian Turfgrass, Captiva St. Augustine is still considered a semi-dwarf. Captiva is very shade tolerant. It was developed by turfgrass researchers at the University of Florida.
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