Captiva® St Augustine

Low-Mow Captiva® St. Augustine for Hawaii

Captiva St. Augustine

A true low-mow grass, Captiva® St. Augustine is a slow vertical grower which greatly reduces the frequency of mowing. The grass has a deep dark green color, and it shows resistance to the Southern Chinch Bug. The widest bladed variety of all the grasses we grow at Hawaiian Turfgrass, Captiva St. Augustine is still considered a semi-dwarf. Captiva is very shade tolerant. It was developed by turfgrass researchers at the University of Florida.

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SS Assets Icon Uses
  • Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
  • Blade-width: Wide
SS Assets Icon Color
  • Dark Green
Maintenance Blue
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rotary Mowed every 2-4 weeks
Wear Blue
  • Wear: Not Good
  • Injury Recover: Moderate
Shade Blue
Shade Tolerance
  • Very Good
Drought Blue
Drought Tolerance
  • Good
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