Sports & Athletic Field Turf

Turnkey Sports & Athletic Field Turf & Installation

Hawaiian Turfgrass offers turnkey sports turf packages. We provide everything needed to create a high-quality athletic field playing surface or large lawn area: from site prep and irrigation, to grass selection and turf installation.

For the finest quality sports fields and athletic playing surfaces in the Islands, Hawaiian Turfgrass prepares the site, installs all irrigation, grows the sod or sprigs, and then, according to your needs, grasses the sports field through sprigging or Big Roll installation.

Our trained staff operates state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and professionally grass your sports field or large lawn project.


The Latest Technology

At Hawaiian Turfgrass, we invest in the latest equipment and technology to create sports turf fields that support the highest levels of playability and professionalism.


When we sprig a sports field, we operate state-of-the-art equipment including the SprigMaster Pro 6- Broadcast Fairway Sprigger from Sprigger’s Choice. What is sprigging? It is a process that takes live turf, from root to leaf blade, distributes it evenly across the prepared field, and then cuts it into the soil structure. Sprigging creates a uniform playing surface. (Hydromulching, by contrast, is an older, inferior technology that is costly and inefficient.) Sprigging produces a smooth playing field with live material, for a faster grow-in and the highest quality sports field possible.

Big Rolls

For an instant sports field or lawn, Hawaiian Turfgrass installs Big Roll sod in large strips (up to 48-inches wide) that cover an area quickly, with fewer seams than slab sod. Our Big Roll installation is accomplished through the use of the industry’s premium machinery: the Magnum Big Roll M4826D from Magnum Equipment. This technologically advanced machine increases precision, and reduces man hours needed for installation. The machine is equipped with flotation tires to avoid tread marks. Planting with Big Roll sod offers even faster grow-in, and quicker field turn around. Field downtime is dramatically reduced. Some fields, when installed with Big Roll sod, may be ready for play in a matter of days. And of course, all of the sports fields installed by Hawaiian Turfgrass are planted with the highest quality Certified sod in the islands.


Sports Field Dethatching & Ongoing Maintenance

For leveling off bumps in fields, Hawaiian Turfgrass utilizes the Koro FTM-120 fraise mower from Techno-Green Corp to create even surfaces, reduce thatch and keep fields in optimum condition. This revolutionary machine gives Hawaiian Turfgrass the ability to verticut sports fields and large turf areas, reduce thatch without damaging healthy turf, and to cut out and replace sod in large areas.


How to Specify Hawaiian Turfgrass

When you specify your sports field or large lawn for installation and construction, please be sure to include these elements to ensure you receive the best athletic field equipment for your construction project or ongoing sports turf maintenance:

  • Mechanical sprigging with the SprigMaster Pro-6 Broadcast Fairway Sprigger by Sprigger’s Choice
  • Big Roll sod installation utilizing the Magnum Big Roll M4826D by Magnum Equipment with flotation tires
  • Koro FTM 120 byTechno-Green Corp for fraise mowing and ongoing maintenance
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