Hawaiian Turfgrass Services

At Hawaiian Turfgrass, we grow high-quality sod for lawns, sports fields, and golf courses. Our certified turfgrass varieties are inspected for genetic purity. Our grasses are grown on plastic in a sterile compost media so that you know you’re getting the entire plant, roots and all, and it will be virtually free of weeds.

Cutting Edge Services

  • Site Prep

    To prepare the site to accept healthy turf, we’ll till, grade or level the soil

  • Irrigation

    We design & install highly efficient irrigation systems to sustainably manage water

  • Lawn Installation

    Get an instant lawn with our professional sod installation

  • Golf & Sports Turf

    Professional sprigging services for sports fields and golf courses

  • Delivery

    We truck sod to any site on O’ahu

  • Outer Island Delivery

    Not on O’ahu? We ship to your Hawaiian Island location

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