Sod Installation

5 Steps for a Successful Installation

  • Step 1: Remove Old Lawn & Weeds

    Use an herbicide to kill off the old lawn and weeds. Follow all label instructions.

  • Step 2: Till the Area

    Rake and remove all dead plant material, including the roots of the old grass. Loosen and till the soil. Rake it until it’s a level surface.

  • Step 3: Add Compost

    Add 1-inch of high-quality compost as a soil amendment. This creates a healthy soil surface with lots of nutrients for the roots of your new sod to grow. Spread it out evenly.

  • Step 4: Level the Area

    Use a roller to compact the compost. Create a level surface to install the sod.

  • Step 5: Install the Sod

    Place the sod pieces on top of the compost in a checkerboard pattern. Push the seams together to close all gaps. Use a roller to help the sod make contact with the soil. Water it in to encourage the roots to tack down. Water two-to-three times per day for up to three weeks, then back off to your regular watering schedule.

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