Seastar Seashore Hawaii

Great versatile choice for Hawaii - from home lawn to golf course

Seastar Seashore PasPalum

SeaStar® Paspalum thrives in salty, sandy environments. It stands up to salt spray and salt can be used to kill weeds. SeaStar provides a luxurious, fine-textured look. Perfect for home lawns, event lawns and golf courses here in Hawaii, SeaStar was developed by turfgrass breeders at the University of Georgia. SeaStar performs best when moved with a reel mower. The grass heals quickly from damage and wear.

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SS Assets Icon Uses
  • Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
  • Blade-width: Fine
  • Feel: Soft
SS Assets Icon Color
  • Dark Green
Maintenance Blue
  • Low Maintenance / Less Thatch
  • Reel mowed 1x every week
Wear Blue
  • Wear: Excellent
  • Injury Recover: Excellent
Shade Blue
Shade Tolerance
  • Moderate
Drought Blue
Drought Tolerance
  • GoodModerate
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